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Corporate Area PC - Coroners Court

Coroner's Court



The Coroner’s Court is governed by the Coroner’s Act. It is a specialized Court that focuses on sudden, violent and unnatural deaths. The Parish Court Judge who presides over the Coroner’s Court is called a Coroner. The Coroner is concerned with:

  1. WHO? – The identity of the deceased;

  2. WHAT? - By what means the deceased came to its death;

  3. WHERE? - Where the death occurred; and

  4. WHEN? - When the death occurred.



In the case of violent or sudden deaths that occur in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, a Form D or Form E must be prepared, signed by the Coroner and forwarded to the Registrar of Births and Deaths in order to obtain the Death Certificate. Family members or the personal representatives of a deceased’s estate may make an Application for the Form D/E by visiting the Coroner’s Court. The prospective applicant will be required to take the following documents to the Court to make the Application:

  1. Identification of family member or personal representative applying for Form D/E ;

  2. If necessary, a Letter of Authorization;

  3. Birth Certificate of Deceased;

  4. Marriage Certificate of Deceased (if legally married);

  5. Burial Order of the deceased.

Thereafter, the applicant will complete the Application Form for the Form D/E and will be provided with a letter to be delivered to the relevant Police Station requesting the complete file. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the deceased’s death, the complete file may entail some of the following (this list is non-exhaustive):

  1. Post Mortem Report;

  2. Police Report;

  3. Statements – Investigating Officer, First Responder, Eye Witnesses etc.;

  4. Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Report;

  5. Motor Vehicle Accident Booklet;

  6. Notice(s) of Intended Prosecution (Warning);

  7. Ballistics Report:

  8. Scene of Crime Viewer Compact Disk;

  9. Post Mortem Viewer Compact Disk;


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